Banned visitors

•Banning prevents visitors from using chat.
•Banned visitors won’t see your chat.
•Banned visitors won't kick off your website
•When click on “Ban Visitor “for any way, it display confirmation message with additional check box to ban Visitor’s IP Address.

  1. Each agent can block a visitor during an active chat to prevent them from starting another chat.

  2. Also each agent can ban unwanted online visitor on your website, to do it go to Channels -> Online Visitor.

  3. Even if the chat ended and the visitor is no longer on your site, it’s still possible to block them. You can do it from: •Contact chat history Channels -> Chat history

    •Customer Service
    Customer Service -> Customer Service (Personal)

    •Visitors Log
    Channels -> Visitors Log

    Un-Banning Visitors :
  1. From your left main menu, select Channels.

  2. From the Channels menu , select Banned visitors.

  3. List of all banned contacts will appears, click remove for unban it.

  4. List of all banned customer will appears, click remove for unban it.

  5. List of all banned IPs will appears, click remove for unban it or enter the banning information (IP address, duration and reason) then click Add to ban new IP.