Building your organizational hierarchy

NABD lets you design the hierarchy of your organization to establish how the departments within your company are organized, so you can route cases to the appropriate locations. This allows everyone affiliated with your organization both external and internal to access cases and participate in their resolution as a team.

Sample organizational hierarchy

Once you set up your organization's hierarchy, you can view it via the Administrative Units tab (Configuration>Global Settings>Organizational Units Hierarchy>Organization units definition).

To build your organizational hierarchy:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. From Admin page ,within  Configuration section.

  3. Scroll to Organization units hierarchy.

  4. From the Organization units hierarchy section, select Organization units definition.

  5. On the Administrative units page, click Add.

  6. On the Organizational Units (OU) page, enter the information for the organization unit.

    Type the organization's name and number:

    Select the level you want to assign to this organization:

    Level identifies the OU level in the organization hierarchy.

    Reports to identifies the parent OU.

    Select this organization's country:

    Select this organization's city:

    Select the OU type in the Entity type field external or internal. An internal OU is a group within your company; external is a group outside of your company (e.g., a customer, third party provider, etc.).

    If selecting external, be sure to check the Show to External Entity box if you want this external entity to be able to view information in NABD.

          and you have choice to disable or enable the organization by the following checkboxes

          Show to portal users ,Available for internal chat  ,Selectable for portal users ,Available for customer chat

Then complete any of the optional information for this organization.

  1. When you're done, click Save.