Choosing the active workflow

NABD requires that you designate one active workflow that NABD will use to route cases through your organization. NABD allows you to select from system-defined workflows and also create a custom workflow.

Workflow types

Simplified workflow

System-defined workflow that begins with an assignment activity, followed by a corrective action, and then a closing activity.

Standard workflow

System-defined workflow that begins with an acknowledgment e-mail to the customer, followed by an assessment activity, a corrective action, and then a feedback activity.

If the customer is satisfied, the case is closed. If not, the case is returned to the assessment activity and the workflow is repeated.   Custom workflow

Any custom workflow created by the client using Workflow Designer to match their individual business needs. You can design your workflow using Workflow Designer provided by NABD or any other workflow design software.

    Sample simplified workflow:

To choose the active workflow:

  1. From your left main menu, select Configuration.

  2. From the Configuration menu, select Client Account Management.

  3. In Workflow Management window, select the workflow you want to use.

  4. Click the Activate Selected Workflow button.


    NABD will immediately begin to use this workflow.