Configuring authorization domains

NABD allows you to set specific permissions for individual users, user groups, roles, organizational units, etc. This allows you to define what your employees can do in NABD.

You can set any combination of these permissions:

To configure your NABD authorization domains:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin

  2. Scroll to Authorization.

  3. From the Authorization menu, select Permissions.

  4. On the Permissions page, select the domain type you want to set up permissions for All Domains, Organizational Unit, User Group, Role, or User.

    If setting permissions for organizational units, select the specific organizational unit or All and click Search.

    If setting permissions for user groups, select the specific user group or All and click Search.

    If setting permissions for specific roles, select the specific role or All and click Search.

  5. Check the access rights you want the selected domains to have Add, Edit, Delete, View, Print, or All.

  6. Select the authorities you want to assign. NABD provides you with the flexibility view all information or specific information based on organizational unit and levels. You can also select specific organizational units, user groups, employees, and roles.

  7. When you're done, click Save.

    These new permissions are now in place and will be applied throughout NABD.