Creating asset

NABD allows you to create specific asset for your cases.

To create asset:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. From Admin page ,within  Configuration section.

  3. From the Configuration section, scroll to Products/Services section.

  4. From the Products/Services section, select Asset management.

  5. On the Asset management page, click Add.

  6. Type the Asset name.

    Select a product/service and/or group,a Organization unit name, and Employee name:

    Type a serial number ,a location and Supplier,total quantity,contact type and select asset status:

    Type cost ,price,asset tag ,asset model and consumed quantity:

    Type year manufactured ,acquisition date ,warranty exp. date  and expire date:

    Type Bae code and information:

    Then complete any of the optional information for this Asset.
  7. When you're done adding the asset, click Save.