Creating classifications

NABD allows you to create specific priority classifications for your cases. This allows you to group cases for the same product into even smaller groups based on the information you select on this page.

These classifications are an important part of making sure your case is routed to the appropriate user so the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. The classifications you set up here can be used when setting up your SLA rules and case routing.

To create case classifications:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. From Admin page ,within  Configuration section.

  3. Scroll to  Case Settings.

  4. From the Case Settings menu, select Case Classifications.

  5. On the Case Classification page, click Add.

  6. Type the case classification and a description. Both pieces of information are required.

    Optionally, you can select more detailed information including priority, product/service and group, case type, main category, subcategory, and confidentiality level. In each field, you select the option from the drop down to the right.

    Remember the more information you enter here, the faster this case will get to the appropriate user.

    Select a priority from the drop down to the right. You can select All priorities for this classification or select High, Medium, or Low.

    If necessary, select a product/service and/or group, a case type, and a main category and subcategory. The options available to you in the drop downs here are the customized options you've already set up for NABD.

    Select a confidentiality level from the drop down to the right. You can select All or select Strictly Confidential, Confidential, or Normal.

  7. When you're done adding the classification, click Save.

    This classification is now available for you to use in case routing and creating SLA templates.