Creating and using an e-mail template

NABD has the flexibility for you to create unique templates for your organization's outgoing e-mails. When your agents need to send an e-mail to a customer, they can use one of your e-mail templates making sure a custom, professional e-mail is sent out.

You can set up as many e-mail templates as you need. Just a give each template a unique name and description so you can locate the template when you need it.

To create an e-mail template:

  1. From your left main menu, select Correspondence templates.

  2. Click Add (upper right side of page).

  3. On the Correspondence Templates page, type a name for your template.

    You can also add a description. A description is helpful if you are planning to create and use multiple templates.

  4. Check Create template (e-mail only).

  5. Type your e-mail subject. This standard subject will appear in all outgoing e-mails you send using the template.

  6. In the Mail body, type the standard text you want to appear in this e-mail template. Make sure you select any formatting that you want to use. You can set up styles, insert a graphic, etc. Remember to do a spell check before continuing.

  7. If you want to enter any custom fields for your e-mail, select them from the drop down.

  8. To the right of Custom fields, type a code between the <<   >>. Then select the information you want to appear in the e-mail template from the drop down to the right. In the sample below, the case number will appear where <<f1>> appears in the Template text field. Click Add when you are finished adding custom fields.

    You can create as many custom fields for your e-mail template as you need. The options available in the drop down include:

  9. When you're done, click Save and close.

    This template is now ready to use. Next time an agent sends an e-mail to a customer, this e-mail template will be available.