Registering your corporate account

Registering your account with wowdesk is easy. You can set up an account as a personal customer (an individual) or corporate customer. Personal customers are single users while a corporate customer is appropriate for an organization with multiple users and different scope and permissions for each user. If you are a corporate customer, you must also designate an administrative user who sets up the wowdesk account and manages the other users.

To register an account, you'll need to enter some required information such as your name and email address. Once you register as a new customer on wowdesk, your user name and password will be sent to you via email.

To register your corporate account:

  1. Access https://<yourclientname>

    Tip: For easy access, be sure to bookmark this address for future use.

  2. Click the Register Corporate Customer link.

  3. Type your name and corporate domain name. Your corporate domain is a unique organization name used for your users' login. Make sure your domain does not include any spaces or special characters (e.g., John.KIO where John is the user name and KIO is the corporate domain name).

    Also include your street address,email address and main phone number

  4. Enter other address information as necessary. City and Area are required.

    If you're done, click Save.

    Look for a confirmation email with your user name and password.


Adding a corporate administrator

All wowdesk corporate accounts require that a corporate administrator be set up to manage the account.

Once you've set up a corporate customer on the Register Corporate Customer page, the Add Corporate Admin button is enabled and you can set up the administrator.

To add a corporate administrator:

  1. Click the Add Corporate Admin button.

  2. In the System Login Info window, type your Name, new user name and password. Then confirm your password.

  3. you have to add identification information.

  4. Add the contact information including gender, birthdate, telephone, mobile fields, fax number and job.

  5. Enter detailed address and contact information. Remember, you must select a country and city for the administrator and also include a street address.

  6. Add job information for administrator. Also include the contact method and the preferred case submission method (both are required).

    Indicate the category for the administrator and check if the administrator wants to hide contact details from other wowdesk users.

  7. Click Save.

    The administrator is added to your corporate account.