Telephony channel enable you to make a voice calls with other users via a specific connector

How to manage your Telephony Service

1- You can find Connector Name

2- You can read the description of the Connector

3- You can activate or deactivate the Connector

4- Finally you can save your changes

If you activate your Connector,
1- the numbers will be clickable  in:

1- Submit new case page
2- Edit case page
3- Customer service page

and if you click on it you can call this number

2- You can handle Outgoing calls by clicking on the numbers.

3- You can handle Incoming calls


  1. If customer not exist will go to create new customer page

  2.  If customer exist :

(i) If only one customer:

Will go to edit exist customer

(ii)      If there exist more than one customer

Will show all customers in data table then we can edit any of them with edit button