Using your NABD Knowledge Base

NABD’s Knowledge base is a resource library for you. Look here for articles and advice on your products and services. Have a simple question or issue? Check the Knowledge Base for an answer. Each Knowledge Base entry includes background information, a history of cases relating to this information, and supporting attached documents.

To search for a Knowledge Base article:

  1. On your left menu, select Knowledge Base.

  2. then, select Search knowledge base .

  3. On the Knowledge Base page, select the search criteria you want to use. You can search on Knowledge Base or search on cases or search on Knowledge Base and cases.

  4. Click Search. Your search results appear below in the search result window.

    Click on the entry to view the Knowledge Base information. If multiple entries appear in this window, you can use the Search field to narrow the items that display. You can also page through the items using the navigations buttons.