Setting up your Facebook channels

You can configure NABD to accept and load cases via Facebook posts and messages. These posts and messages can come from your company Facebook page or any Facebook page that you designate. NABD lets you set up as many Facebook channels as you need.

All Facebook case submissions will be sent to the appropriate location within your organization based on the routing you set up.

Once you set up your Facebook channel(s), you can view your incoming Facebook posts (including the date/time received and the Facebook feed) on the Channels feeds review page.

To set up your Facebook page channels:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. Select Channels.

  3. On the Channels configuration page, look for the Facebook accounts box and click Add.

  4. From pop list, select facebook page.

  1. You can select more than one Facebook page.

  1. When you're finished selecting Facebook pages, click Ok.

    This Facebook page will now capture incoming cases.