Setting up your Twitter channels

NABD automatically tracks and creates cases for all tweets sent to the Twitter accounts you set up here. You will need a Twitter account name, consumer key, and access token and secret to set up this feature.

To meet your individual needs, NABD allows you to set up unlimited Twitter channels to track customer tweets.

Once set up, you can view your incoming Twitter information (including the date/time received and the tweet) on the Channels feeds review page.

To set up your Twitter channels:

  1. From your left main menu, select Admin.

  2. Select Channels.

  3. On the Channels configuration page, look for the Twitter accounts box and click Add.

  4. On the twitter authorize app page, enter username and password for Twitter account, Click Authorize app


  5. If you are entering more than one Twitter account, click Add on the Channels configuration page.

    These Twitter accounts will now capture incoming cases.