Submitting a new case request

As an agent, your primary job is to make sure a customer's issue is resolved as quickly as possible no matter how big or small. If a customer does not submit a case using a channel (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.), NABD allows agents to submit new cases on behalf of the customer through attended channels such as a call center. You can designate this case as a complaint, proposal, inquiry, or application.

You can submit cases for these types of customers:

See Servicing customers for more information.

For information on submitting a case via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail, see Retrieving and classifying channel feeds.


To submit a new case request via an agent:

  1. From your left main menu, select Customer Service.

  2. From your left menu, select Customer Service.

  3. If submitting a case for an existing customer, select individual or corporate customer. Type in the customer name (or any other identifying information) and click Search.

  4. In the Customer Service window, click the New case button.

  5. If submitting a case for a new customer, on the Case Request page, first enter basic information name, e-mail, subject of the case, and a brief case description. For an existing customer, you can skip this step.

  6. Select the case type and number of cases. If you select Group case, also include the number of cases (include cases from all sources such as fax, call center, etc.). You can also include a reference number and case source.

  7. Next indicate if the case applies to an organizational unit and select the case severity.

  8. Select the product/service and group that apply to this case. Also select a category and subcategory if applicable.

  9. Select the location of the case  country and city are required. You can also enter a street address, zip code, and district if applicable.

  10. Enter any suggestions for the case resolution in the Suggestions box. You can include a suggested resolution (this is a good place to add any customer suggestions), the responsible organization, case summary, and target date for completion. This information will be viewable by anyone working on the case so remember to include any information that will help close this case as quickly as possible.

  11. Attach any files that apply to the case. Be sure to include anything the customer provides as supporting documentation. Click Add.

  12. If you're finished, click Save.

    Your new case has been created.