Using service level agreements (SLA)

NABD provides you with the flexibility to create unique service level agreement (SLA) templates. An SLA is a contracted delivery time of your service or performance to your customer. Setting up an SLA template allows you to define in NABD what you have agreed to provide your customers. Will you respond to an issue within a certain amount of time? Here is where you can set that up so users can meet your service level agreement.

You can create a SLA template based on products/services and groups, categories and subcategories, classifications, etc. that you have already set up in NABD. NABD also allows you to set both a warning threshold and a must be completed by threshold two warnings that provide your users with checks and balances when managing their case load.

You can set up as many SLA templates as you need. Just give each template a unique name and description so you can locate the template when you need it. The active template that NABD is currently using is set on the Global Settings page.